the LAN!

Can you believe it?!

The Muppet Clan is over 19 years old! To celebrate, we're going to have a LAN in Plano, TX on October 10th, 2015 at Yoda's.

4641 Margo Ct.
Plano, TX 75024

    Driving Directions:

    From the east, coming in via I-20:

  • 1) Go west on I-20.
  • 2) Take the "Dallas (US-80 W)" exit 499A.
  • 3) Turn North on 635 (LBJ).
  • 4) Turn North on 75 (Central Expressway).
  • 5) Exit West on McDermott Dr
  • 6) Turn North on Rasor Blvd
  • 7) Turn Left on Canal St
  • 8) Turn right on Jones St
  • 9) Turn right on Margo Ct and look for house 4641

    From the west, coming in via I-30:

  • 1) Get thyself to 121 or tollway northbound
  • 2) Turn right onto Rasor Boulevard
  • 3) Take the first right on Canal St
  • 4) Turn right onto Argentine Way
  • 5) Turn right onto Margo Ct and look for house 4641

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    What to bring:
  • Your Computer
  • Network Cable
  • Headphones
  • Surge Protector
Email Yoda if you have any further questions.

      Love always,

1. Muppet Name:      
2. Number of Non-Muppet Guests:      
3. Need a place to stay:
(If you've already made arrangements, select 'no')
3. Have a place to stay:
(If you live in Dallas and have a place for someone to crash, select # of people you can host.)
4. I Will be bringing:      
(Need a ride from the airport or anything else we need to know?)
P.S. For those that are asking, the LAN is FREE! However, there will be an 'anonymous donation' box if you want to help out with the expenses, you generous bastard you.