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Clan Battles

8/20/96Muppet Clan vs. Q-con (unofficial)Muppets!
8/23/96Muppet Clan vs. The Cleaner Clan (official)Muppets!
8/23/96Muppet Clan vs. The Apocalypse Clan (unofficial)Muppets!
9/21/96Muppet Clan vs. Clan Deimos (official)Muppets!
9/25/96Muppet Clan vs. Red Dragons (should-be-official)Muppets!
9/26/96Muppet Clan vs. Red Dragons (should-be-official)Muppets!
9/28/96Muppet Clan vs. The 'Tards (official)Muppets!
10/17/96Muppet Clan vs. Clan Dragonfly (unofficial)Muppets!
10/25/96Muppet Clan vs. The Undead Smurfs (official)Smurfs!
12/9/96Muppet Clan vs. Clan Deimos (unofficial)BOTH!
12/15/96Muppet Clan vs. Clan Millenium (official)Muppets!
1/17/97Muppet Clan vs. The Assassins (unofficial)Muppets!
2/1/97Muppet Clan vs. The Volcano Gods (official)Muppets!
2/26/97Muppet Clan vs. Clan RoadKill (official)Muppets!
2/26/97Muppet Clan vs. The Fighting Underground (official)Muppets!
2/26/97Muppet Clan vs. Clan Havoc (official)Havoc!
3/18/97Muppet Clan vs. The Foot Clan (official)Muppets!
6/25/97Muppet Clan vs. Clan DOA (official)Muppets!
7/12/97Muppet Clan vs. Clan Fu-Q (official)Muppets!
8/27/97Muppet Clan vs. Faerie Beans (official)Muppets!
?/?/?Muppet Clan vs. Your name could be here?
?/?/?Muppet Clan vs. Your name could be here?
?/?/?Muppet Clan vs. Your name could be here?

Muppet Days!

1/16/97Muppet Day II